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Thank you for visiting the Online Spinning & Weaving Guild. We hope that you enjoy your visit. Please be sure and email us if you have any questions.

  • Gallery
    Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! Hopefully of your last and best project. Maybe a picture of your favorite loom or wheel. All textile related pictures are welcome.
  • Discussion Area
    This is the heart of the Online Spinners & Weavers Guild. It provides an area where you can post questions, comments, or just start a friendly discussion. A search is provided that will help you find messages of interest.
  • Chat
    Our chat area is a great place to have a textile related real-time conversation with other spinners or weavers. We hope to have regularly scheduled chats in the near future.
  • Calendar
    Looking for textile related events?? This might be the place to check. This area contains a user-contributed calendar of shows and exhibits that are fiber related.
  • Hints & Tips
    This area provides a place for you to read and share hints and tips about spinning and weaving. Share your experiences and find some short-cuts.
  • Links
    This is just what it sounds like, a collection of textile related WWW links. All the links are user-contributed and are grouped by category.
  • Games
    Who said you couldn't have entertainment with a textile flair. Try our word guessing game or take a little quiz to test your fiber knowledge.
  • Auction
    If you've been spinning or weaving for very long, no doubt you've amassed far more fiber or yarn then you'll ever be able to use. Here's a perfect place to sell some of your collection so you can buy some more.

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